Why a Toilet Bowl Needs to Be Cleaned Regularly

A home can only be a healthy environment if it’s kept nice and clean. Decluttering, doing the dishes, and cleaning the toilet regularly are simply the tip of the iceberg of chores. It’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed by them and find yourself reaching for a house cleaning service in Tomball.

Just imagine how much time it would take you to prepare your house for a party. You need to clean up dust, scrub the bathroom, and take care of many other cleaning tasks. No matter how often you clean your house, cleaning the toilet is not likely to become your favorite activity, but here’s why it’s so important.

What happens if you don’t clean your toilet?

The toilet is one of those items everybody uses daily, but it sometimes doesn’t get cleaned as often as it should. Sure, going to Theis Attaway Nature Center is much more interesting than scrubbing the toilet. The consequences of neglecting the toilet, however, can be very unpleasant and health-threatening

If you don’t clean your toilet bowl, you will notice discoloration and various stains after a while. It further progresses into the much-dreaded toilet bowl ring, which can be a real nightmare. All of the issues are consequences of bacteria and minerals building up due to the lack of cleaning and frequent use.

This means that your toilet bowl becomes a haven for all sorts of harmful substances and microorganisms which you should avoid at all costs.

What causes black spots in toilet bowl?

Black spots inside a toilet bowl usually appear when the toilet isn’t cleaned as often as it should be. However, sometimes they keep coming back even after you think you’ve removed them successfully. These are some of the possible causes.


Mold is found in areas that are moist, dark and damp and the inside of a toilet bowl fits the description perfectly. The fact that water is constantly being flushed creates a great environment for mold to thrive and spread.

Mineral deposits

Mineral deposits come from hard water and accumulate over time, with each new flush. This creates a residue that can take many colors and black is one of them.


Bacteria also grows in moist places and resides in dirt. Although it can be harmless, it looks unsanitary and should definitely be removed as soon as possible.

How do you clean a toilet bowl ring?

Trying to clean a toilet bowl ring can sometimes result in it coming back, so consider the following solutions.

  • Baking soda and vinegar – Pour a cup of vinegar into the bowl and spread it around. After a while, follow this by a cup of baking soda and two more cups of vinegar and let it sit for 30 minutes. Flush and rinse everything.
  • Bleach – Use only half a cup of dry bleach powder and let it sit for a couple of hours until the stains disappear, then flush.
  • Borax – Sprinkle the powder directly onto the stains and scrub with a toilet brush, then let it sit for 30 minutes and flush.

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