What to Expect From a Maid

Is it your first time hiring a house cleaner? The cleaning service Houston TX has to offer is a top-notch professional maid service that’ll make your life easier, and your home sparkling clean. It’s important to be able to rely on your cleaners, especially if you’re looking for a long-term agreement, so let’s talk a bit more about what to expect from a house cleaner.

Handling a large number of everyday tasks can be extremely challenging and tedious, regardless of their nature. Take the cleaning out of the picture, and you get more time to relax and do whatever makes you happy. These alone are really good reasons to hire cleaning professionals. You should also consider setting up a weekly house cleaning schedule, as this might be more convenient than one-time cleaning. We want to help you choose the best cleaners for yourself, so read on!

How can I trust a stranger?

Naturally, when hiring someone to clean your home for the first time, a question will inevitably pop into your head: what to expect from a house cleaner? It’s perfectly normal to feel a little nervous about a stranger coming into your home to clean the place and your personal belongings. How about if you had a list of things the house cleaner should do? Would it help knowing how to prepare your home for your first cleaning? These things might help you feel at ease, so that you can build a wonderful, trusting, productive, and long-lasting working relationship with your cleaners.

How to prepare your house for cleaning

When preparing for house cleaning, one of the crucial steps is tidying-up the night before, so that the floors are clear of any items, and everything is put in its place – this will help the cleaner focus on their job, instead of wasting precious cleaning time on picking up your clothes etc.

Arranging a walkthrough of your place is particularly useful, because your cleaning professionals can explain the kind of service they provide, and you can let them know what you want them to do. It’s important to take into consideration that professionals clean much more meticulously than you would. They will get to some places that aren’t usually cleaned, so it’ll generally take them longer to finish. If there’s a lot of work, don’t expect everything to be done in one visit.

Questions to ask your cleaner

Here are some questions you should ask when booking a cleaning service:

  1. Are the cleaners insured, bonded, and thoroughly screened – reference and background checked? Are their first cleanings being monitored? Do they go through hands-on training? If the cleaning company you select has amazing reviews and valued references from clients, that’s a huge plus which can be pretty reassuring.
  2. Do they use their own supplies? This is a good question that will prevent misunderstandings, and you can also discuss your preferences when it comes to cleaning products and tools.
  3. Is there a list of services house cleaners will or will not perform? It’s vital to be specific about what you want or need done. Find out which services will be included in the house cleaning, so you’d know exactly what to expect from a house cleaner.
  4. “How long will the cleaners stay in my home?” This question is especially relevant if you are paying your cleaners by the hour. A team of two or more cleaning pros can finish a two-hour job twice as fast, which brings us to your next question.
  5. “How many cleaners will clean my house”? It’s nice to know in advance who’ll pass through your house and what to expect in terms of cleaning speed and efficiency.
  6. “How will cleaners access my home?” Sometimes, cleaning experts keep a spare key, which is convenient if you want them to perform the cleaning when you’re out of the house. Or, if you prefer, the cleanings can be done only when you’re present.
  7. “What should I do about my pets?” Even though we’re sure your pet is the cutest little creature in the world, some people are afraid of animals and won’t see it that way. Just to be safe, ask about it beforehand.

Now that you know what to expect from a house cleaner – it’s booking time!

At this point, you should have a pretty good idea of what to expect from a house cleaner. However, if you’re still uncertain, here’s a quick peek at some of the services we offer at Big City Maids: dusting, sweeping, mopping the floors, vacuuming, cleaning the kitchen, the bedrooms, and the bathrooms, performed by our masterful cleaning technicians. You can even add different types of extra services to your basic cleaning service. Whichever you choose, you can depend on our experienced team of cleaning professionals to make your home absolutely spotless. Book with us today!