When You Are too Depressed to Clean

Sometimes, it might be hard to find cleaning motivation when this seems like the last thing you want to do at the moment. Not to worry, it happens to almost everyone and can easily be solved by booking a house cleaning service in Spring, TX. However, if depression is the underlying problem, you need to address it fully and properly.

How do I get motivated to clean?

Even if you enjoy cleaning, you can sometimes get in a slump where it’s hard to motivate yourself to remove mold from the ceiling, vacuum the bedroom or disinfect the kitchen counter with vinegar. Here’s what you should do.

  • Start smallThe best way to start cleaning is to focus on one simple task which can be done quickly. That way, you can prove to yourself that it’s not as hard and tiresome as you had previously thought. Wipe one surface, empty the dishwasher, or declutter just one room.
  • Set a timer – Another way to stop exaggerating how long it takes to do the cleaning is to set a timer for 15 or 20 minutes. When you see what can be accomplished in that time, you might not feel as negatively oriented next time.
  • Play music – Music is a great motivator as any professional athlete and weightlifter knows. The right playlist can really get you pumped up and allow you to finish all the cleaning chores in a breeze.
  • Reward yourself – Cleaning might seem like a punishment sometimes, so you should try to reward yourself instead. Promise yourself a treat when you finish the chore as that way your effort will not seem in vain and your brain will assess the cleaning activity as being worth your while.
  • Try a new product – Buy a new cleaning product as it might motivate you to try it and look forward to cleaning.

How do I motivate myself when depressed?

Depression can come in many shapes and forms and really disrupt your everyday life. It can be a serious issue which requires professional intervention. When it comes to trying to clean the house when depressed, here’s how to motivate yourself.

  • Clean as you go – When you commit regularly to decluttering or washing a couple of dishes, the chores will not stack up. It’s much easier to motivate yourself to clean when you know you’ve already done a fair share of the task in advance.
  • Set realistic goals – Find smaller tasks or break larger ones into several and then do at least one of them every day. This will take less time in the long run than one giant cleaning session you won’t feel like doing.
  • Don’t procrastinate – Procrastination is a key player in the depression cycle and it needs to be broken. Don’t just think about doing something tomorrow, find a way to do it now. Create a task sheet, follow a specific routine, or find a certain time of day.
  • Involve others – If you live with someone, there is more clutter and dirt than when you live alone. This doesn’t mean you should clean everything yourself. Divide the cleaning tasks with your partner or family so everything will go faster and easier.

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