What is a Deep Clean

Every once in a while, your home needs thorough cleaning. Over time, dust and grime build on your fixtures, grease, and food create those pesky stains in your oven, and you suddenly become aware of the amount of effort you need to put into cleaning. When the dirt behind your faucets just won’t come off, the wisest decision you can make is – hire professionals skilled and experienced in deep house cleaning in Houston, TX, or another area you live, and save yourself the hassle.

But you may wonder what exactly is deep cleaning and whether your house truly needs it or not. Read on to find out!

What is considered a deep house cleaning?

A deep house cleaning is a thorough, all-encompassing way of cleaning your home to entirely remove all debris and dust from every room and surface in your home. Once it’s completed, you can rest assured every inch of your property is in pristine condition.

What is included in a deep house cleaning?

Deep cleaning includes everything from door frames and light fixtures to vents, walls, and baseboards. It means getting behind a couch and tending to all hard-to-reach places that are usually overlooked during basic cleaning.

This type of cleaning is time-consuming and can easily become overwhelming, which is why most people decide to leave it to the pros. Professional cleaners will make certain that no debris, dust, and dirt gets left behind.

If you hire a cleaning service, your maids will pay special attention to parts of your house you have neglected, using up-to-date cleaning tools and supplies to remove all the dust and dirt that has built up over time.

Deep cleaning includes cleaning:

  • Inside and behind cabinets,
  • Inside and behind the washing machine, oven, and all kitchen appliances
  • Window and door frames, blinds
  • Corners of rooms
  • Shower heads, faucets, under the sink
  • Bathroom and kitchen tiles, etc.

How long does deep cleaning take?

If you go for professional deep house cleaning and you have a two bedroom home, it can typically take up to 6 hours for your cleaning crew of three to get everything in tip-top shape. The number of hours they need to get the job done mostly depends on the amount of work and the size of your home. Since professional cleaners have the know-how and specialized equipment, and they are a well-orchestrated team who is efficient and able to deliver top-notch results.

In case you want to clean and organize everything from top to bottom, it’s best that you do it step by step. If you focus on one area each day, you’ll finish in about seven days.

How often should I deep clean my house?

A couple of times a year, your place needs a detailed clean that will leave it absolutely fresh, perfectly healthy, and spotless. You may need a deep cleaning in case you’re moving house, or you’re having guests stay over at your house for a couple of days, since you want everything to be perfect. Also, if it’s your first time scheduling an appointment with a cleaning service, they will recommend deep cleaning for impeccable results.

Where can I find a reliable deep house cleaning service in Houston, TX?

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