The Most Efficient Way To Clean Your Home

Cleaning Tips by the Pros. No matter how often you clean your house, it still requires a fair portion of your time. So, how do you clean your home efficiently and easily? By contacting the premier maid service in Cypress, Texas if you simply don’t have the time to do it yourself.

What professional maids know is how to quickly clean a house regardless of the required frequency. They use reliable methods and first-rate supplies that enable them to clean a home easily

Is it better to clean one room at a time?

Every room in your home requires a certain amount of cleaning, but is it better to tackle one room at a time or find a different cleaning approach? Here are two possible ways you can clean your space:

  • Cleaning one room at a time is more common and you’ll get even more motivated to clean once you’re completely done with a room. Instead of going back and forth, you can move from one room to another and deal with the mess. 
  • Task-based cleaning, which includes doing the same chore in all the rooms and then moving to the next task, can save you some time. You will complete a chore throughout the house while being in the zone for one type of cleaning, so you don’t stop in the middle of dusting to move on to vacuuming.

What should you clean first in the house?

Devise a plan of how to start each task, for instance, from top to bottom and from left to right in each room. This will help you be more efficient and organized while cleaning, which will save you a lot of time and effort. 

  • Declutter: Picking up clutter first makes it easier to clean every room in your home since you’ll have easier access to the areas that need cleaning and have nothing in your way. 
  • Dust: Dust every surface from the highest to the lowest, including topsides of doors, frames, furniture, fans, shelves and other surfaces. Afterwards, you can easily vacuum allergens and mites and increase indoor air quality.
  • Tidy up the furniture: Change the bedding, switch pillowcases and neaten any blankets. Finish by brushing sofa surfaces.
  • Clean the kitchen and bathroom: Get out the cleaners, spray them onto countertops and other surfaces, and start scrubbing. Don’t forget to wipe down every surface.
  • Vacuum and mop: Go throughout your house and vacuum the floors, as well as carpets and area rugs. Afterwards, sweep and mop the floors to give them a fresh look.

Is it better to vacuum or dust first?

Although this mainly depends on your cleaning approach, it’s generally better to dust first and then vacuum. Dust will settle down on the floor and you’ll be able to easily remove it by vacuuming. This might kick back some of the dust back onto the surfaces, but most of it will be removed. 

When you vacuum first, dust will get onto the furniture and other surfaces. You will need special tools to fully pick up the dust instead of just brushing it back down to the floor.

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