You might not be fully aware of it, but whether your home is clean or not affects you every day on many levels. You become less productive, more stressed and under a greater risk of colds, flu, and allergies when surrounded by clutter and dust.

We at Big City Maids know it very well, so we can guarantee that our excellent house cleaners in Cypress will help you improve both your health and mood as they make the chaos in your home a thing of the past. If you are a busy mom, they’ll spare you from having to clean with little kids and encouraging your partner to help out with the chores.

If you wish to find out more about all the ways in which messy and cluttered rooms affect your life, perhaps unnoticeably, read on!

Does a messy house affect you?

If you feel like the mess and clutter in your home are affecting your health, perhaps you will be able to relate to some of these situations:

Constantly looking for something

You’ll always be searching for the remote control or that rarely used object you now urgently need if you don’t return things to their proper places in the drawers, shelves, and closets. Decluttering and organizing your storage units may be tedious, but it saves you time in the long run and prevents the frustration of unsuccessfully searching all over the house, again.

Higher risk of injuries

With every overloaded shelf, you run the risk of the furniture toppling over and injuring someone. What’s more, your cluttered floors are not only small insidious traps that will hurt your feet but also points of likely slips and falls. And in cases of emergencies such as fires, you want clear passage towards the exit of the house, so you definitely don’t need the doors and windows blocked with unnecessary items.

Avoiding inviting friends

Have you noticed that as you keep delaying the day when you’ll clean the house thoroughly and get rid of all the mess, you also avoid inviting people over? Not only do you feel ashamed to invite friends to your messy home, but clutter makes us feel anxious and isolated, too. It quietly drains your energy until you have none left for socializing at dinner parties you used to throw at your house.

It’s almost impossible to clean

You probably procrastinate with cleaning because it is truly difficult to sweep the floors or dust when all imaginable surfaces are covered with clutter. As you pile up more stuff, the house gets dirtier, and the messier a room, the less cleaning will take place. In case you have doubts about the environmental impact of cleaning agents and put off the cleaning for this reason, simply opt for eco-friendly cleaning products.

What does clutter do to your life?

Clutter can damage your physical and mental health, and these are only some of the problems that can arise:

  • It triggers respiratory issues. Dust and dirt make us more sensitive to allergies and asthma, which impairs the general quality of life. Children are especially sensitive to these issues.
  • It increases stress levels. It is difficult not to stress about the mess, all scientists agree. Clutter raises your cortisol levels, which is definitely unhealthy if it happens often.
  • It makes you gain weight. When living in a cluttered space that needs cleaning, you are likely to feel deprived of energy and unmotivated to exercise or eat healthily. This inevitably leads to gaining weight.
  • It makes you feel depressed. Not surprisingly, when you constantly feel tired and have no energy, it is easy for depression to take its toll. It is sometimes difficult to tell depression apart from the general apathy developed in cluttered houses.

Rely on the best quality house cleaners in Cypress

Perhaps your mood or health have already been affected to some extent by the clutter and you don’t have the energy to deal with it. If you are also frustrated that your partner and your kids won’t help out with cleaning, we can help out. Take your kids out and visit Harris County Public Library together while we clean house. Relying on their rich experience, our outstanding cleaning pros will clean your house to perfection. Call us now!