Have you ever wondered how some moms succeed in keeping a clean house with kids, while others can barely manage the basic levels of hygiene? Both groups probably know how important it is to regularly clean and disinfect with kids in the house. Because of different circumstances some households struggle with keeping a clean house.

Luckily, our efficient house cleaning services in Northwest Houston offer support for every busy parent. We are ready to take over the tedious chores of scrubbing, dusting, and polishing. But, if you desperately need to know how a house can stay clean amidst toddlers’ messy play and how to avoid clutter, don’t stress! Read our experience-based tips instead!

How do busy moms keep a clean house?

Over time, moms learn how to adjust chores to fit the household routine and develop some helpful tricks along the way, such as these:

  • Clean and declutter a little every day. It’s difficult to dedicate hours to dealing with the mess, so do a little every day in order to prevent messes from accumulating. Doing these chores on a daily basis also makes you feel better as you keep clutter at bay.
  • Get rid of the stuff you don’t need. This means not only tossing away anything no longer in use or broken but also storing some things away for a while. The kids might be too young for them now, or they simply have too many toys at the moment. Donating to a charity is always welcome.
  • Teach kids to clean up. Even children as young as toddlers can do their part. For example, a two-year-old can pick up their toys and put them back where they belong.
  • Everything must have a place and be returned there after use. All family members must get in the habit of keeping all things in their proper places. If you can’t find room for everything you have, perhaps a purge and re-organization is needed.

How to keep the house clean with little kids?

The younger the kids, the more difficult it is to keep the house clean. But it’s not impossible! The most useful way is to divide tasks into these three categories:

• Chores that can be done while kids play

These are the activities you can do without much effort while you supervise your toddler. For example, you can make the beds, put away the food leftovers or declutter and clean surfaces. Also, if you catch a moment when the child is engrossed in play, you can clean the bathroom sink, the toilet, and even windows.

• Chores that the kids can help you with

If you need help vacuuming and doing laundry, don’t hesitate to encourage your kids to help out. These tasks are perfectly safe for your kids and can even be fun. What’s more, your children can also learn to take initiative in simple tasks such as plant watering or setting the table.

• Chores that must be done when kids are away or sleeping

This group includes all the chores that can’t be done while little kids go around creating a new mess and making it a never-ending cycle. It’s only possible and safe to do meal preparation and ironing, or bathroom scrubbing, even with green cleaning products, when the kids are either not in the house or fast asleep.

The most dependable house cleaning in Northwest Houston

If you can’t get your partner to help with housework and teaching your toddler how to clean doesn’t work, don’t worry! With help from dependable cleaning professionals, you’ll be free to take a well-deserved break. You can finally take your kid to the football match at the Berry Center of Northwest Houston. Our seasoned cleaning experts will make it an even more enjoyable experience, as they will clean every corner of your home while you’re away. Give us a call!