How To Get Family to Help With Housework

It certainly takes more than one person to keep the whole house clean, not to mention that it is unfair to expect working moms to maintain cleanliness at home. Sometimes, your family members are not that reluctant to help as they seem to be, but you might need fresh ideas on inspiring your family to help you with housework.

In case you’re not sure how to get your partner and kids to step in and reduce your workload, our list of tips and tricks might come in handy. But, if you still don’t have any time left for yourself, call the top quality house cleaning in Tomball and let the true cleaning pros make your kitchen cabinets shine and declutter your living room while you get some well-deserved rest!

How do I get my family to keep my house clean?

It will take some time before your family members get used to the newly set up rules, especially if you were the only person who took care of the household. Here’s how to make the transition as smooth as possible:

  • Ask for help assertively. Make sure your partner and kids understand how exhausted you are from the never-ending housework. However, instead of starting drama and blaming them for your exhaustion, calmly invite them to help and make you feel better.
  • Lower your expectations. It’s no use expecting your partner and kids who until yesterday didn’t know where to look for the vacuum cleaner to make the place spotlessly clean. Settle for less, at least in the beginning.
  • Reward the effort. Give lots of encouragement, especially to the kids, and praise their enthusiasm while their work is still in progress, not waiting for results first. Don’t forget to reward the little ones once they complete the chores you assigned them.

How do I help my child with housework?

Your kids are young? Now’s the perfect time to do housework together! They may not be able to do chores independently, but they will grow into teenagers who don’t need to be reminded to clean their room if you teach them to help out early on. This is how you can make chores more appealing to kids:

  • Give clear instructions. Don’t expect your new helpers to know where to start decluttering or how to make the floors squeaky clean. Divide work into simple steps, give direct and clear instructions to everyone and provide feedback at the end.
  • Choose age-appropriate tasks. Of course, your toddler doesn’t yet have the capacity to clear table after breakfast, but he or she can put their toys away or wipe up spills using baby-friendly cleaning products. Similarly, an eight-year-old can vacuum independently.

How do I motivate my child to clean?

Perhaps your kids are so stubborn and uncooperative that you would rather do the housework yourself once again than struggle with their attitude? Before you give up, take a look at these tips:

  • Let them do it their own way. Show them how you do a chore, step by step. Then involve them and let them do it the way they prefer once they are ready. Supervise gently without imposing your cleaning logic.
  • Avoid deadlines and blackmails. This might put the kids off, especially teenagers. Use ‘when’ and ‘then’ rather than ‘if’: ‘When you clean your room, then you may watch TV’. Remind once, not dozens of times.
  • Stop doing the work instead of them. Restrain from making their beds or doing any other activity that is their responsibility. Yes, even if it means letting the house become a total mess for a while!

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