How to Disinfect a Bathroom

Bathrooms should be cleaned and disinfected regularly, especially during a pandemic. Many people might think regular cleaning is all that is needed but the bathroom houses many germs and viruses. It is one of the most used rooms in a home, so knowing how to properly disinfect a bathroom is very important.

Differences Between Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfecting

Cleaning: helps in the removal of soils and stains. Cleaning does not kill viruses, it simply removes germs and soil from surfaces.

Sanitizing: reduces the number of bacteria. Sanitizing reduces the number of bacteria on surfaces but does not kill viruses.

Disinfecting: kills fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Disinfecting kills viruses on nonporous surfaces. Be careful when disinfecting porous surfaces like stone, viruses will find these pores and thrive there. Stone and other porous surfaces are easier to disinfect if they are sealed.


Now that you know the difference between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting. Here are the tips to disinfect a bathroom.

  • Clean all surfaces of the bathroom with soap and water first.
  • Make sure to wear personal protective equipment (PPE), like gloves and eye protection like glasses.
  • Some chemicals are very strong, so you want to limit contact with them.
  • You have many options to use to disinfect. DIY Disinfectants, Commercial strength, or even hospital-grade disinfectants.
  • There are many germs and viruses in the bathroom, so PPE will also protect you from them.
  • Use different brushes or cloths in different bathrooms, do not re-use the cleaning supplies in multiple bathrooms.

After cleaning all the bathroom surfaces with soap and water, make sure to spray all surfaces with the disinfectant. Make sure the disinfectant is safe to use in the areas you will spray. After spraying the disinfectant, allow it to sit and work for the recommended time, dwell time is very important.

Next, scrub the shower and rinse with water.

Then, make sure to scrub the toilet bowl with a brush. This will remove more viruses and germs than just spraying and flushing.

Finally, disinfect the floors by mopping the floor with the disinfectant. You always want to work from top to bottom and towards the outside. Disinfecting in this order will help you not to infect the bathroom again with your dirty shoes.

Ready to disinfect a bathroom?

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