How to Clean Your Kitchen Before You Move In

If you’re moving house and are giving it a final clean, the kitchen is usually the room under the most scrutiny. So here are the top 10 tips from our house cleaning experts to clean your kitchen and leave it in impressive shape.

Air the kitchen out

Most kitchens are an aromatic paradise, but not everyone enjoys walking into a new home and discovering it smells of food. Open up all the windows and possibly use some scented cleaning products.

Don’t forget to clean the bottoms of cupboards, because they really absorb a lot of smells, and they usually stay behind when you move out.possible while not consuming too much time. That’s why smart house cleaning is better.

Work your way from the top down

Start dusting the tops of cupboards, ceiling skirting and high shelves, as any dust you knock to the floor can be cleaned later. Cleaning the house you are about to leave is a challenge enough, you do not want to do it twice.

If you’re ready to start packing, put some of the items you don’t use often into packing boxes. This way, you will make packing easier later, and those items won’t get in the way while you are cleaning out. This goes to appliances you rarely use and any extra utensils which you certainly have, but aren’t using.

Take Care of the Lights

More likely than not, there’s at least one light fixture which doesn’t have a light bulb, or where a light bulb is not working.

Even though it may not have bothered you, it would still be nice to leave a fully functional set of lights for the new tenants of your house. Replace busted light bulbs and clean the fittings while you are at it. This is a small touch with a big impact.

Clean the Food Preparation Area

Any room where food is prepared will have the occasional spills. Pay particular attention to the backboard/splashtop as these are a hotspot for cooking residue.

In older style kitchens with tile backboards, give the grout between the tiles a good scrub as stains here can be spotted from a mile away.

Disassemble your stove top, cleaning all components and scrub the grates. Don’t forget to pop the stove knobs off and clean underneath, as grime and dust hide here. Range hoods will need a good scrub. Don’t forget to replace any worn light bulbs or filters.

Some drain cleaner down the plug hole will prevent unwanted odours coming from the sink.

House Cleaning Final Touches

Wipe down the insides of cupboards, not just the doors. And leave some time to polish all the hardware including the handles.

When cleaning the floor, pay particular attention to the baseboards. These will attract plenty of stains and marks from pets, shoes and spilled food. The corners are also magnets for dust.

Following simple steps like these when you move home will ensure your kitchen positively sparkles for its new owners.

This article was written in conjunction with a Sydney removal company, Hire A Mover.