How to Clean Your House Before a Party

If you’re planning a dinner party or weekend gathering for your friends, you want everything to be perfect. One of the tasks on your to-do list has to be to clean your house before a party. In case you get too occupied with other parts of planning, you can always look for house cleaning services in Tomball, TX to help you out.

One of the things they should do includes removing dust around your house, cleaning the kitchen and scrubbing the toilet bowl

However, sometimes you can’t plan a party in advance because certain guests have a tendency of dropping by unannounced, so it’s important to know a few quick cleaning tricks. Either way, the house should be clean and if you decide to tackle this task yourself, we got you covered.

How do I prepare my house for a party?
Taking the time to tidy your house might sound intimidating, but this doesn’t have to be the case with a well thought out plan. First, get all the necessary supplies and then follow these steps.

  • Evaluate: Before you start doing the chores, it’s time to devise a strategy of operation. Pretend you’re a guest in your home and try to find all the parts which require cleaning. Create a list and start going through it.
  • Declutter: Clutter will make your house look messy and it needs to be removed from all areas which will be used during the party. Removing it will also create a better outlook on every other part of the home.
  • Save time: If some areas of the house won’t be used during the party, save some time by prioritizing other rooms over them. For instance, if it’s a dinner party, there is no need to waste too much time on the family bedroom.
  • Prepare the party space: The most important thing to keep in mind is that the party space should create a positive atmosphere. Focus on making it presentable and enjoyable and stock up on stain removal products in case a mishap happens.

How do you clean your house before the guests arrive?

You will be surprised at how much you can clean and tidy your home in just 30 minutes before the guests arrive with the following tricks.

Remove odors

If there is a lingering odor from preparing something in the kitchen, you can get rid of it by boiling three tablespoons of vinegar and one cup of water for a few minutes, then add some citrus fruits or cinnamon sticks. 

Clear the entryway

For a great first impression, clear the entryway and swipe the floor. You can also add a detail or two to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Use a lint roller

If you didn’t have time to dust or vacuum everything, use a lint roller to quickly pick up dust from pillows, tabletops or the living room couch. This can also help with any remaining pet hair.

Introduce light and flowers

Light will open up your space, so open the window curtains or turn on mood lighting inside. Also, some flowers in a vase or jar will breathe new life into your home. Another charming option is introducing a nice plate with colorful fruit.

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