How Often Should You Clean Your House

There is nothing like a clean home and there are several reasons why you should clean your house regularly. But, it’s not as simple as just saying you want to keep a clean house. Instead, you need to really dedicate yourself to it. Unfortunately, not everybody has the time to do so and you might find yourself searching for house cleaning services in Tomball for some extra help.

Sure, it’s not the same if you’re doing a regular sweep or cleaning your house before a party, but they both require some effort. Nobody likes seeing a dusty home environment, dirty dishes, an unsightly toilet bowl ring or mold on the walls. If you need more reasons for regular cleaning, find them below.

How important is keeping a clean house?

Imagine coming home from Railroad Depot and seeing a messy and filthy environment. Not only does it sound unappealing, but there are also other reasons to clean your home regularly, including the following:

  • A boost in appeal – Everybody appreciates a clean home more than a dirty one because it simply looks way better.
  • A healthy home atmosphere – Cleaning removes allergen particles and lessens the chance of getting an allergy or infection. It also kills germs and other kinds of pollutants.
  • Enhanced productivity – When you finish cleaning, there will be nothing holding you back from other activities. There will be no distractions or clutter.
  • Improved air quality – Indoor air quality is an important part of overall health and a clean home has better air quality than a dirty one.
  • Higher sleep quality – A clean house enables you to sleep better. Jump into clean sheets and wake up knowing every cleaning chore is done.

How often do you really need to clean your house?

Not every household item needs to be cleaned every day, so here are some of the recommendations:

  • Every day – Clean the dishes, wipe the kitchen countertop and tables, and use a squeegee after every shower. Daily tasks also include wiping the bathroom sink and cleaning the microwave.
  • Two times a week – Every few days, change your bathroom towels to prevent bacteria buildup. Also, wash and disinfect sponges.
  • Every week – Wash and change your bed sheets every week to eliminate dust mites. Wipe the stovetops and outsides of dishwashers. Also, clean the bathtub and toilet.
  • Every month – Run a washer program with an empty load, hot water, and bleach. Clean the dishwasher filter and wash the rugs.
  • Every three months – Wash pillows, comforters, and shower curtain liners. Clean the inside of your fridge.
  • Every six months – Wash your windows and drapes or curtains.
  • Every year – Clean the walls.

What will happen if we do not keep our homes clean?

We’ve mentioned how often you should clean your house and here’s what happens if you don’t.

  • Dust – Dust mites will multiply and create an allergen-rich environment.
  • Mold and mildew – Your bathroom will become full of mold, which can spread everywhere.
  • Rot – Uncleaned sheets and clothes attract dust and can even begin to rot.
  • Insects – If you don’t take the trash out, insects and bugs can gather around the bags.
  • Poor air quality – The air quality deteriorates significantly and causes allergies and coughing.

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