How Often Should You Clean A Bathroom?

Thoroughly cleaning a bathroom represents a safe and healthy environment for the whole family. For those who can’t keep it spotless themselves, there is always an alternative: hiring maid service in Cypress, Tx. Either way, the bathroom has to be cleaned and no one is better for the job than the experts.

There are many reasons why maintaining your bathroom clean is important. When you fail to perform regular cleaning duties around the house, you run the risk of having bacteria spread all over the place. Another major risk that comes with a poorly maintained bathroom is mold. Mold growth can even be found under carpets

What you need is to find a way to treat mold effectively and disinfect certain areas thoroughly, which is exactly why you absolutely have to stay on top of your cleaning chores – especially in the bathroom.

How often should you wash shower curtains?

Shower curtains are a very functional item in the bathroom, mainly because they keep the water from spreading around. They also have a decorative role in the overall outlook and aesthetic feeling. As they are regularly exposed to soap scum, gel and shampoo residue as well as plenty of moisture and humidity, they get dirty very easily.

Different types of shower curtains require different types and frequencies of washing. Some people never wash their curtains which can have serious health consequences. A general rule of thumb is to wash them once a month or once every season at the very least.

How often should bath mats be washed?

When you finish showering or bathing, the feeling of stepping onto a warm and fluffy bath mat is simply irreplaceable. Unlike shower curtains, bath mats really don’t have much time to dry out, especially during the summer. They can easily become a breeding ground for germs, mold and mildew.

The main factor for the frequency in which a bath mat should be washed is the number of people who use it and how often. Imagine a large family using it daily without regular washing and water dripping all over it. There are two types of bat mats – one with non-skid rubber backing and one without.

The first one can be damaged by frequent washing, so every 3-4 weeks is best. The second one should be thrown in the washer once a week, especially when the bathroom is used frequently.

How often should you change your towel?

There is much disagreement on this topic among people of all ages. Here’s what any homeowners should keep in mind: towels get wet after each use and they also scrape off the dead cells from your body. Such an environment can harbor bacteria and germs. The longer you wait, the worse it gets.

Another factor to consider is where you hang them to dry after each use. If it’s in the bathroom, the chance for germs is higher, especially if there is no window or fan. When you dry it outside in the sun, they should be cleaner overall, but they still should be washed once every 3-4 uses.

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