How Often Should a House Be Cleaned

Cleaning your house is probably not among the top things you like to do in your spare time. Regardless, it still needs to be cleaned in a certain frequency in order for it to be a pleasant and healthy environment to live in. A cleaning service in Katy, TX might be just the right thing for you.

When hiring a cleaning service you need someone who can clean the house professionally and fast. Reliable providers know all about the best way to clean any home and they have a cleaning checklist. They also know the following facts about how often certain parts of the house need to be cleaned.

How often should you clean your house in Spring, TX?

There are many opinions as to how often a house should be cleaned, but the consensus is that some parts should be cleaned more often than others.


The bedroom needs your attention once a week for changing the linens, dusting and vacuuming. This will take care of the mites, while all other chores can be done after longer periods of time.


The frequency depends on how much you use it, but most of the items will require cleaning once a week. This includes cleaning the microwave before germs gather and mopping the floor just in case.


The bathroom needs to be cleaned most often, but it needs a detailed cleaning every week. This includes cleaning bathtubs and showers, scrubbing toilets, cleaning bath mats and changing towels.

Should you clean your house every day?

Of course, you would rather go to CorkScrew BBQ than spend the day cleaning your Spring, TX house, but certain parts require daily attention.

  • Dirty dishes – the longer they are left unattended in the sink, the harder it will be to clean them, so you should do this every day
  • Kitchen countertops – the same goes for all areas affected by your daily making of meals because they can attract germs and bacteria over time
  • Bed – although the bedroom doesn’t need to be cleaned every day, your bed should be made every morning after you get up
  • Bathroom surfaces – if you use a squeegee daily after your bath or shower for the walls and surfaces, you will prevent mildew and make it easier for the weekly clean

How often should a house be deep cleaned?

Some parts of your Katy, TX home need to be deep cleaned, but luckily they don’t require your attention as often as the others.

  • Once a month – you might forget the dishwasher, washing machine and refrigerator, but they should be cleaned every month
  • Every three to six months – wash your pillows, clean duvets, blankets and mattresses, wash the curtains and clean inside the oven and freezer
  • Once a year – steam the carpets, deep clean the windows, scrub behind shower heads and clean the fireplace and chimney

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