Getting Rid of Dust in Your House

Dust is everywhere and it will inevitably find its way into your home. However, if you find no matter how often you clean it, you might be doing something wrong. There are several reasons for this and you should consider them all before looking for a house cleaning service in Tomball, TX.

Although dust is not as dangerous as other germs which appear, it can still influence your health. This is why the importance of a clean house goes far beyond being ready for a party or gathering. Here are the most common reasons your house is dusty all the time.

Why is my house so dusty everyday?

There are different types of dust and it’s not always easy to determine where it comes from, but here are some of the possibilities.

Windows are always open

Proper air circulation is a good thing for your overall health, but keeping windows open all the time means your home is susceptible to outside influences. Fresh air will come into the house, but it will be followed by all sorts of particles.

Recent renovation

If you have recently renovated a part of your house, construction dust can probably be found all around. It takes a long time to settle and is really annoying. This can also happen if your neighbor has had some work done.

Plenty of carpeting

Although it’s true that with hardwood flooring, the dust can get lifted up in the air and spread everywhere easily, carpets can be a real breeding ground for dust. The only difference is that they keep it almost invisible. They still need to be cleaned at least weekly with a vacuum which has a HEPA filter.

Dirty AC

Your AC unit needs to be cleaned regularly and the filters should be changed every once in a while. If you skip doing this, they can trap particles from the outside air and this will make the air quality deteriorate significantly.

How do I stop my house being so dusty?

Don’t get discouraged by the constant presence of dust, there are things you can do to prevent this.

  • Get a doormat: Plenty of dust particles come into your house via footwear. This is why it’s a good idea to get a doormat and encourage your guests to use it before coming in.
  • Change bed sheets regularly: Your bedding collects dead skin cells and fibers from blankets and other covers, causing dust. What you need to do is to change the sheets, pillowcases and mattress cases once a week.
  • Take care of your pets: Pets are great sources of dust because of their shedding and dander. You should brush and bathe them regularly to decrease the level of particles they leave behind.
  • Declutter: Not only does clutter obstruct your daily activities in the house, but it also gathers dust as it sits on the floor. Don’t allow piles of clothing, books, or toys to just lay around with dust settling around them.

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