You are famous for throwing unforgettable parties in your house, but there’s one downside: who is going to clean that mess and the piles of dirty dishes after the party’s over. The great news is that we’ve got some super hacks to keep your house clean during a party so that only minimal after-party cleaning is necessary.

First, a reminder that we can clean up after the wildest of parties. Just book with us beforehand and take the day off to recover. You can also put the family to help you in cleaning up after the party and even cleaning during a party. Read on to find how!

Great parties take great preparations

Plan on protecting your house against all sorts of party accidents the same way you plan the menu or music. This will reduce the workload after the party substantially. Check out our list for making your home party-proof:

  • Protect the furniture. Leave no upholstered piece of furniture without slipcovers. They are a lifesaver when it comes to stains and spillages, together with the surface protection tape for your tables.
  • Remove valuable or fragile objects. This refers to whatever you will miss if it breaks or disappears. You will feel so much more relaxed not having to keep an eye on these items.
  • Limit the partying space. Think about whether you want guests entering your bedrooms or certain parts of the house. If the answer is no, simply close these rooms and discreetly ask your guests not to go there.
  • Don’t use ceramic dinnerware. Go for disposable paper plates and cups instead. This will save you from washing up the heaps of dirty dishes, plus by using paper you will feel good about your eco-friendly behavior.

How do you keep your house clean during a party?

You did a thorough pre-party cleaning, and now it almost physically hurts to watch how your once impeccably clean house turns into chaos. Don’t despair, there are still a few things you can do during the party.

  • Provide a trash bag at every few steps. It’s highly unlikely that your guests will go and use your regular trash can in the kitchen every time. Make life easier for everyone, keep extra trash bags close at hand.
  • Do small chores immediately. Things, like taking food leftovers into the kitchen or refreshing bathrooms, or even removing dropped food from the floor, can be done discreetly. As a host, you will do lots of walkovers, so simply do these things as you go.
  • Have stain removers at your disposal. No house is totally stain-proof no matter how hard you try, so intervene with a reliable stain remover when you spot a fresh stain. Of course, don’t overreact, it’s a party, after all.

How to protect the carpet during a party?

Stained and damaged carpets are probably the worst nightmare of every party host, so be clever and protect yours before the party starts. You have a few options, such as using carpet protection tape or asking your guests to take their shoes off. The most extreme one is completely removing the carpets before the party.

If your carpets stay on the floor together with the guests, check them regularly for spillages. Prepare a good quality carpet stain remover and act immediately after a spilling accident. This is how you get the best stain removing results.

The top-notch house cleaning in Tomball

You have applied our helpful tips for keeping the house clean during and after a party, but now when it’s all over you feel like taking some well-deserved rest. Take some me-time and go birdwatching at the banks of White Oak Bayou? No problem! We’ve got you covered with our experienced cleaning experts who will be glad to clean every inch of your house and make it shine again after the party is over.

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