Clean Your House Like A Professional

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They should know how to clean the house in one day and be efficient while cleaning regardless of how often it needs to be cleaned. The secret is simple: a professional house cleaning checklist.

How can I make my house clean easier?

One of the key aspects of having a clean house is introducing some regular habits which save time in the long run. 

  • Make the bed – it takes just a couple of minutes every morning, but it really helps your bedroom look tidy and clean. Find simple bedding for your bed and do this regularly.
  • Wash the dishes – keep the dirty dishes from piling up in the sink by loading and unloading the dishwasher regularly, as it only takes about 5 minutes. If you don’t have one, wash the dishes after each meal.
  • Clean the counters – if you wipe your counters after each meal it will save you a lot of time when dusting the whole house.
  • Do the laundry – you might not think there is much laundry to do before the weekend arrives, but then you get swamped. Do a load daily and this will never happen.
  • Declutter – you need a room when cleaning your home and decluttering will make it easier to cover all areas later. Find a system that makes it easier to tidy up.
  • Clean a little every day – if you clean as you go, this will mean less work later and a cleaner house now. Put away things, wipe top surfaces, or load dishes, just do a little something.

What is a professional house cleaning checklist?

Every type of house cleaning service includes a certain checklist which makes it easier to keep track of all the chores.

  • Kitchen – one of the busiest areas in all Katy homes requires a lot of attention. This includes wiping countertops and sinks, cleaning appliances, dusting tables and cabinets, scrubbing the sink and emptying garbage regularly.
  • Bathroom – regular cleaning in the bathroom goes a long way and you can do this by wiping mirrors and shower fixtures, disinfecting the toilet and sink, scrubbing the tiles and floor, disinfecting countertops and clearing laundry baskets.
  • Bedroom – to avoid chaos in the bedroom, make your bed and change linens, dust furniture and bedside lamps, dust baseboards and furniture, remove cobwebs with a duster and put away dirty laundry.
  • Living room – a neat living room will be great for entertaining guests, and in order to have one you should dust all surfaces and hanged frames, vacuum upholstery, wash and polish the floor, clean and vacuum carpets, dust the baseboards and any video and audio equipment.

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