Clean your kitchen sink easily

by Liz Mtz - May 25, 2020

Cleaning a kitchen sink easily

How to clean a kitchen sink easily

Clean Your Kitchen Sink Easily

Everyone washes their dishes daily, but how frequently do you clean the sink? People think the sink is clean because it is constantly getting wet with soap. If you do not scrub and actually clean the sink, germs build up on the sink. Think about how clean restaurant sinks must be in order to pass city and county checks, that’s how clean our sinks need to be as well. The sink must be perfectly clean in order to be sanitary and be able to wash your dishes in it.

Read the following cleaning tips and get rid of germs, grease, and food leftovers that do not belong in your sink.

Cleaning supplies needed to clean your kitchen sink easily and leave it germ-free

  • Liquid soap
  • Baking soda
  • Sponge
  • Brush/Toothbrush
  • Optional: White vinegar  or Lemon juice

Precautions when cleaning different types of kitchen sinks:

  • Stainless steel: do not use acids and salts on stainless steel. Ammonia and bleach should also not be used on stainless steel. We also do not recommend using lemon, it can also damage your stainless steel sink.
  • Ceramic: can be scratched very easily. Be extremely careful and do not use abrasive sponges or other materials to clean ceramic sinks. Abrasive cleaning products shouldn’t be used either.
  • Cast iron: abrasive sponges, abrasive pads, wire brushes/sponges should not be used to clean cast iron sinks.
  • Copper: is very sensitive to harsh materials. Do not use acids.
  • Stone: is porous, so any chemical you use to clean stone, will be absorbed. Stay away from chemicals or acids.
  • Porcelain: be careful with acids, do not leave them to sit for too long.

Steps to Clean A Kitchen Sink:

  • First, rinse out your sink. Get everything out of the way so that you can start cleaning the sink.
  • Next, use a sponge and scrub the sink using baking soda. The baking soda will turn into a paste, helping you clean the sink.
  • Then, clean drain also using baking soda. Instead of using the sponge, now try the toothbrush or brush.
  • Later, rinse the sink. Get paper towels or cloth and remove the baking soda residue until the sink is completely clean.
  • Finally, rinse again using dish soap and dry with paper towels.

Stains that are not being removed:

Repeat the final step. Many recommend using other chemicals for those hard to remove stains, but we recommend to stay on the safe side and repeat the final step.

Long-Term Care for Your Kitchen Sink

Easiest and best way to maintain a kitchen looking brand new or perfectly clean is to clean your kitchen sink frequently. Use paper towels or more preferably a soft cloth to clean the sink daily.

Be careful when leaving cups with liquids, they tend to form rings that will be hard to remove later on if you are not careful.

How to clean a kitchen sink

Tips to clean a kitchen sink easily

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