In an ideal world, kids would do their chores and clean up after themselves from a very young age without having to be reminded to do so very often. In reality, however, it’s totally different. For many parents, encouraging their kids to clean can be a daunting task.

If you’d rather avoid having to clean with little kids around or encouraging your partner to help out with the chores, you can always depend on our excellent home cleaning in Cypress. But if you want your kids to develop good cleaning habits, it might be worth the effort to teach them while they’re still young. This post is your ally, keep reading!

At what age should a child clean up after themselves?

It might come as a surprise, but even a toddler is capable of cleaning after themselves. It’s all a matter of developing a routine from an early age and picking appropriate activities that won’t frustrate the child. Of course, your two-year-old won’t yet understand that you must declutter in order to keep a sane and decluttered mind which can affect your health. But it is perfectly reasonable to expect them to pick up their toys and books or put laundry in a hamper, to start.

You’ll have to be extra patient with kids younger than three, as their motor skills are still developing. The golden rules are: be specific when telling them what to do and don’t pressure them to hurry up. Also, be consistent – don’t do the chore for them, despite the fact it takes you only two minutes.

What are age-appropriate chores?

You can rely on this list of age-appropriate chores when you’re at a loss whether to assign a task to your child or not:

  • Children aged 2 and 3 can do a limited number of things independently, for example picking up playthings or taking dirty laundry to a basket. They can also assist you when you make beds or clean up spills. Additionally, your toddler may be able to perform tasks such as filling a pet’s bowl, but they might leave some mess behind.
  • Children aged 4 and 5 are quite good helpers in the kitchen when you prepare food, plus they can set and clear the table if supervised. Also, they’ll be happy to hang up towels in the bathroom and they might even like cleaning their room when you’re around to instruct and help them.
  • Children aged 6 and 7 are quite independent, so rely on them for putting their laundry in their drawers and closets or emptying trash cans in the house. Don’t expect them to vacuum clean the whole house, limit this chore to their own rooms. Also, they can dust surfaces such as tables and counters on their own.
  • Children aged 8 to 12 can help a lot around the house. You can depend on them in the kitchen for washing up dishes and even preparing some easy meals independently. If you want to engage them outdoors, let them rake leaves or wash your car, but be ready to supervise and help and only use proven green cleaning products.

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Hopefully, both you and your kid will enjoy the house chores you do together as well as the process of teaching them all those good cleaning habits. And while enjoying a visit to Jersey Village is off limits right now due to the coronavirus outbreak, you still deserve a break from cleaning. Why not let Big City Maids help? You’re gonna love the way our experienced cleaning experts make your home spotlessly clean. Call us today!