8 Advantages of Hiring a Cleaning Company Instead of an Independent Cleaner

What are the advantages of hiring an established cleaning company like Big City Maids over an independent cleaner?

Cleaning Time

Professional cleaning companies train their cleaning technicians in order to be more effective with their time. An independent cleaner can take up to 6 hours when cleaning a 2,500 sqft home. Liz Martinez from Big City Maids says, “Our company trains every cleaner, we understand time management and productivity is very important for our customers and our company”. We all have busy lives and the last thing you need is a cleaner getting in your way for 6-7 hours when you are trying to move along with your day and finish other errands.


A house cleaning company has flexibility when it comes to booking your appointment. An independent cleaner might not have availability when you need the cleaning since it is only one person and not a company with different cleaning teams.

Avoid Problems with the IRS

When hiring an independent cleaner or cleaning lady, the IRS can consider you their boss. If you are considered their boss by the IRS, you will have to withhold taxes from their pay. The benefit here is that cleaning companies take care of paying the cleaners and pay taxes to the IRS.


One of the advantages of cleaning companies is that they have insurance and this covers you and the cleaning company’s workers. The last thing you need is to get sued by an independent cleaner who fell from a ladder or tripped inside your home. This is another thing you don’t need to worry about.

Screened Cleaners

Big City Maids performs background checks and insures every employee is a good match for our company. We do not take chances and are extremely careful when hiring new staff members. Unfortunately, many homeowners have learned the hard way that some independent cleaners have run-ins with the law and should have never entered their home. Do not take chances, this is one of the top reasons why house cleaning companies are recommended over independent cleaners.


The last thing you want is to pay an independent cleaner and not get the service you deserve. Big City Maids house cleaning service takes pride and has a top-notch reputation. When there’s a problem or an issue, we will quickly address the problem and re-clean for you. The most important thing is for all of our customers to be 100% satisfied. All Big City Maids cleaners know about accountability and take cleaning to the next level.

Quick & Easy Booking Online

Big City Maids house cleaning service offers an option to book and pay for your service online. Visit our booking page and select your date and time, there you will also get your quote which is final. Big City Maids does not change their price when they get to your home, which we consider very unprofessional.

Giving Back

Big City Maids is a member of Cleaning for A Reason, a non-profit organization that provides free cleaning to people fighting cancer. If you have a friend or family member fighting cancer, contact us. We can only imagine how tough it can be and would love to help a little by taking cleaning off your hands.